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Maxor originated in 1926 as a single downtown pharmacy located in the Fisk Building. Its name derived from those of its founders, Howard Guy Maxfield and Samuel Orr. Maxfield and Orr sold their company in 1934 to Roy Pool. In 1966 Jerry H. Hodge, R.Ph., purchased the pharmacy. Under Hodge's leadership, the company developed into an employee-driven, national pharmacy and healthcare service organization. Maxor is the oldest continuous pharmacy operation in the 26-county Texas Panhandle, and one of the oldest in Texas. Maxor's corporate office is located in Amarillo, Texas with regional offices in New York, Maryland, Colorado, Washington, and South Texas.

By the late 1960s, Maxor became the leading provider of long-term care pharmacy services in the Panhandle region of Texas and was among the first Texas pharmacies to provide unit dose dispensing. The evolution of managed care led Maxor into new and developing areas of outpatient pharmacy services, including managed care pharmacy operations, capitated pharmacy benefit management, ancillary benefit management and specialty injectables services.

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The core business divisions that comprise Maxor's integrated pharmacy and healthcare services delivery system are:

Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp.
Maxor Pharmacies
Maxor Maxor Correctional
IV Solutions
Maxor Specialty Pharmacy
Maxor Specialty Pharmacy

Maxor is committed to the cost-effective delivery of quality products and services to patients and clients. This includes advances in drug therapies, leading information technology, new industry trends and innovative financial arrangements. These initiatives continue to create new opportunities for Maxor. Furthermore, by developing personal business relationships and innovative delivery systems, Maxor is well positioned to provide cost-effective pharmacy and healthcare services to its clients.

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From Amarillo Globe-News: Maxor finalizes deal - "Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp. announced late Thursday it finalized an agreement to buy part of a Tennessee-based health-care firm. Maxor will acquire Secure Pharmacy Plus from Prison Health Services, a unit of Brentwood, Tenn.-based America Service Group. The deal was originally reported in early March."

From Amarillo Globe-News: Maxor closer to deal - "Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp. is a step closer to buying a business unit of a Tennessee-based health care firm, the two companies said."

From Amarillo Globe-News: Judge dismisses suit challenging Maxor contract - "A federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit challenging a contract awarded to Amarillo-based Maxor National Pharmacy Services to run California's prison pharmacies."

From of Vacaville, CA: A valid prescription: Plan for prison pharmacy is sensible - "There are many ways to describe the numerous recommendations that were handed down this week on how to fix California's prison-pharmacy catastrophe: wide-ranging, comprehensive, expensive and sensible, to name a few."

From Inside Bay Area: Higher salaries may cure prison pharmacy ills - "Maxor updated and expanded upon four other prison pharmacy audits performed in recent years and found - as did the earlier audits - the system to be 'a horrid mess of damage and danger to inmate patients.'"

From the San Jose Mercury News: Health care system is in critical condition - "At Sillen's request, the Texas-based Maxor National Pharmacy Services did an audit of the manner in which California dispenses prescription drugs to prisoners. Maxor found that the drug cost per inmate per day in California ($2.29) is five times higher than in Texas ($0.56) and more than twice as high as the federal prison system ($0.93). Maxor estimates that enacting relatively simple cost efficiencies, the state could save between $46 million and $80 million a year."

From the Amarillo Globe-News: Maxor has rich history in Amarillo - "Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp. has expanded from its Texas Panhandle birth in 1926 to a far-flung firm with regional offices in New York, New Hampshire, Maryland, Colorado and South Texas."

From the Amarillo Globe-News: Maxor textbook example for growth - "If a professor were lecturing about business evolution, he could use Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp. as a perfect example of a business that went from the storekeeper model to a sophisticated data management model."

From the Amarillo Globe-News: History makers of the High Plains - "Jerry Hodge was born in Amarillo in 1943 and is the founder of Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp. He is a former mayor of Amarillo and former member of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice."

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