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Maxor corporate officers

Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Vice President, MaxorPlus
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Contract Administration
Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Vice President of Operations, IV Solutions
Vice President of Operation Support
Vice President, Mail Service Pharmacy
Senior Vice President for Correctional Services
Executive Director, Correctional Pharmacy Services
Vice President,Correctional Administration

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Patient Education
Patient Education - Maxor is pleased to offer information on a variety of health topics, including diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. Read more
Controlling Costs
Controlling Your Medication Costs - If something is more expensive, then we as consumers believe that it must be better. This is not the case in the prescription drug industry... Read more
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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine InfantRisk Center

Under the leadership of Dr. Tom Hale of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, the InfantRisk Center has been established as a national call center to answer questions about medication safety for pregnant and breastfeeding women.