Leadership that drastically improves patient care and pharmacy savings

Take your outpatient, inpatient or retail pharmacy to the next level.

Drawing on more than 85 years of pharmacy management experience, we will help you achieve unmatched levels of patient safety and profitability.

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Our tailored approach will instill operational and financial leadership across every facet of your pharmacy practice, including:

    • Staffing and Training
    • Information Systems
    • Accounting and Auditing
    • Compliance
    • Revenue Generation
    • 340B Purchasing
    • Third-party Contracting
    • Inventory Control

Expertise in 340B purchasing, workflow and pharmacy design will enable you to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of medication delivery.

We can help you evaluate existing systems, implement changes and support ongoing operations. Our transparent strategy for improving your pharmacy practice includes:

  • Increasing capture of existing commercial lines
  • Developing a specialty pharmacy program
  • Reducing medication costs through cost-effective utilization
  • Improving efficiency and reducing overhead costs

Our efforts and expertise have not gone unnoticed. We received the Denver Health and Hospital Authority’s CEO Award for outstanding progress in transforming an inefficient system into a nationally recognized, cost-effective, state-of-the-art, JCAHO accredited pharmacy department.

Unlock the value of your pharmacy operation.

Experience how more than 85 years of pharmacy-management can impact your hospital or health system.

We help clients nationwide contain costs, generate revenue and minimize risk while increasing efficiency, ensuring compliance and enhancing care.

Whether you are an acute care hospital, integrated health system, specialty hospital or outpatient pharmacy operation, successfully navigate an ever-changing healthcare landscape, especially 340B enrollment and compliance.

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Put it all together with an integrated approach.

Increase the effectiveness of your pharmacy program by utilizing our integrated pharmacy management and pharmacy-benefit-management services.

There are four major benefits to incorporating a Maxor-managed onsite pharmacy with your PBM services:

  • Completely transparent “pass-through” pharmacy program
  • Drug acquisition cost savings
  • Cost-effective drug utilization
  • Formulary compliance

Our model for integrating an on-site pharmacy, PBM services and a clinical pharmacy component provides a comprehensive pharmacy program with total transparency.

Under our Complete Disclosure Pricing program, you receive 100% of discounts and complete accounting of all rebate revenue from drug manufacturers on all prescriptions filled in the retail network and in-house pharmacy, net acquisition cost pricing on all drugs sold in the in-house pharmacy and pass-through pricing on all drugs purchased in the retail network.

There are no undefined spreads or margins, no hidden sources of revenue, no undisclosed rebates or discounts and no hidden fees for “additional services” paid to us.

Plus, your employees can pick up their prescriptions at the in-house pharmacy or have them conveniently delivered at home or work.

To learn more about integrating a Maxor-managed on-site pharmacy with your PBM services, click here or call 800.658.6146.

Benefit from incomparable 340B experience.

From procurement to 340B price monitoring, and every step in between, let Maxor’s unmatched industry expertise help your pharmacy program realize significant savings, improved care and total compliance.

We provide a range of integrated services to 340B entities, including pharmacy consulting, in-house pharmacy management, outsourcing, and contract pharmacy management.

With more than 10 years experience implementing 340B pharmacies and pricing programs for hospitals nationwide, we are exceedingly proficient in establishing tested protocols for stringent record keeping. We have extensive experience in 340B pharmacy management and pricing programs for FQHC’s, community health centers and DSH hospitals.

Our extensive knowledge of 340B pharmacy management can help in the following ways:

  • Establish terms for defining “patient”
  • Evaluate contract pharmacies and hospital pharmacies
  • Explore obtaining retail pharmacy license
  • Analyze overall contract pricing
  • Update and audit records
  • Ensure compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Streamline ship-to and bill-to procedures
  • Reduced cost of pharmaceuticals
  • Review 340B covered entities for potential savings
  • Pass all savings onto patient and/or health system

To learn more about how our 340B expertise can benefit your pharmacy operation, click here or call 800.658.6146.

Fast Facts

  • 3.7 million – prescriptions filled by owned or managed pharmacies in 2011
  • 99.99% – accuracy rate
  • 1 Business Day – average prescription processing time for mail orders
  • 94% – orders processed within 24 hours
  • 500 – pharmacists and technicians employed or managed by Maxor
  • 0% – turnover rate for Maxor pharmacists in 2012
  • 12.5 years – average length of employment for Maxor regional managers
  • 98% – customer service rating
  • $11.9 million – estimated client savings for 2011
  • Recipient of Denver Health and Hospital Authority’s CEO Award


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