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How Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Expanded Care for Their Community

How Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Expanded Care For Their Community

When Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation (CBWF), a Community Health Center covering 12 counties in south Texas lost its lease in 2018, the clinic’s leadership team decided to build their own facility. Enter Maxor 340B, who partnered with CBWF to design the on-site pharmacy and run the day-to-day operations. In 2020 when drug manufacturers started enforcing 340B restrictions, Maxor adapted its model so that CBWF could become an entity-owned pharmacy. 

As a result of the partnership, CBWF experienced significant cost savings, increased services, and high patient satisfaction ratings.

“We’re one of the smallest health centers in Texas, but they treat us like we’re their premier customer. It’s the best relationship with an external entity that I’ve ever had.”

 – Bill Hoelscher, CEO at CBWF

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