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A Tale of Two Conferences

Helping Covered Entities realize the full potential of their 340B and pharmacy programs at the 340B Summer Coalition and upcoming CHI conference

Can you believe August is almost over? It’s an exciting month for us at Maxor 340B because we have amazing conferences to start and end the month with: the 340B Summer Coalition and NACHC’s CHI conference.

340B Summer Coalition

We had such a great time at the 340B Summer Coalition Conference this year! It was a pleasure to meet and chat with all of you. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by, you can always reach out directly! We help you plan, build, manage, and grow your onsite pharmacy and serve as your comprehensive 340B partner.

Around the Coalition

  • Did you catch Ben Kelly’s talk on In House Pharmacy 101? Ben shared all the different areas you need to plan for and manage when implementing and running your own managed pharmacy.
  • Thank you to all the participants in the Maxor 340B Search Party! We wish everyone could have won, but congratulations to our winner, Cliff!
  • We had Peggy Tighe from Community Voices for 340B drop by our booth and rep our #Protect340B sunnies!

Telling the 340B Story

One of the messages from the 340B Summer Coalition Conference highlighted the importance of telling the 340B story. The 340B program has been providing funding for clinics who deliver critical care for underserved patients for over 30 years.  The livelihood of this program is under attack, so now more than ever, it is  important to speak up about  how the 340B program provides your clinic with savings that help to care for patients in need. At the 340B Summer Coalition Conference Maureen Testoni, President and CEO of 340B Health urged attendees to keep documenting and publicizing how they use  340B savings to help care for patients in need. She also stressed that we should share with legislators the devastating impact on patient care that will occur when these savings are taken away from clinics.

CHI Preview

The NACHC Community Health Institute (CHI) conference begins this Sunday, August 27, in Chicago. We hope to see everyone again. We will be at booth #712 so make sure to stop by and say hello!

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for CHI:

  • The Maxor Search Party is back!!! Answer 4 questions to enter a drawing for a $300 Pack and Go gift card. All attendees are eligible to enter, and we will send the winner the gift card via email.
  • Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you find a solution that’s best for you.
  • Also, we have a couple of local Chicagoans on our team that would be more than happy to make recommendations for you for your evenings out. Stop by our booth for help finding some good places to eat and drink!

We simply deliver more…

Come see us at Booth 712 at CHI to learn about how we provide Transparency, Expertise, and Value. We care deeply about the mission of the 340B program and helping CEs accomplish their goals. If we haven’t met you yet, we hope to see you at one of the NACHC events (CHI and FOM-IT) or at the regional shows our team will be attending throughout the rest of the year!