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We believe the key ingredient is engaging our members, patients, clients and partners – alongside providers – at every step of the process.

From plan design to medical management and prescription delivery, we’re working to make every step easier, clearer and more effective.

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Who better to transform an industry than those who know it best?

Our mission to improve the pharmacy industry started with a single pharmacy in Amarillo, Texas in 1926, Howard Guy Maxfield and Samuel Orr founded Maxor Pharmacy, laying the foundation for the company’s legacy of service and innovation.

In the 1980s, as the need for specialty drug management and delivery was growing across the country, Maxor introduced Maxor IV Solutions, now known as Maxor Specialty Pharmacy.

The company’s reach continued to grow with the addition of Maxor Pharmacy Management, MaxorPlus, a pharmacy benefit manager, and Maxor340B.

Today, we employ over 1,000 passionate professionals who share in our goals of superior service and continuing innovation. We are proud of our heritage and the hard work that has made us a top PBM and pharmacy services provider.

Together, the divisions of Maxor represent the company’s commitment to continually find new ways to connect people with the pharmacy services they need to live richer, healthier lives.

Join us as we transform an industry.
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