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Let’s Start with Program Details

Maxor’s PGY2 Specialty Pharmacy Administration and Leadership residency builds upon PGY1 residency graduates’ competence in the delivery of patient-centered care and in pharmacy operational services to prepare residents who can assume high level managerial, supervisory, and leadership responsibilities. Areas of competence emphasized during the program include safe and effective medication use systems, quality assurance and improvement, the management of human resources, the management of financial resources, use of technology, and advanced leadership. The residency lays the foundation for continued growth in management and leadership skills. Upon graduation, residents are prepared for a clinical or operational management/supervisory role in a variety of work settings.

Program Specifications

  • Code: 622388
  • NMS Code: TBD
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited
  • Starting Date: 07/01/2023
  • Duration/Type: 12 months
  • Number of Positions: 1
  • Estimated Stipend: $52,000
  • Interview Required: Yes

Requirements for Acceptance

Pre-requisites for applicants include:

  • Must be graduate of an Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited degree program or one in process of pursuing accreditation.
  • Must be participating in, or have completed, an ASHP-accredited PGY1 pharmacy residency program or one in the ASHP accreditation process such as one with candidate or preliminary accreditation status.
  • Must be fully licensed as a pharmacist in designated jurisdiction(s) by October 1 or within 90 days of beginning the residency

Applications are accepted via PhORCAS and should include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Pharmacy school transcripts
  • Three (3) PhORCAS recommendation forms (one required to be written by PGY-1 residency director or PGY-1 preceptor)
  • Letter of intent

Selected applicants will receive an invitation for a required interview.

Here is a list of your residency rotations


This required rotation runs throughout the first month of residency and orient the resident to all aspects of the pharmacy service offered at Maxor. It provides an overview of the company and various business units and includes opportunities to interact with multiple team members and preceptors. It also encompasses the residency’s purpose and practice environment, the appropriate accreditation standards, competencies, goals, and objectives. You will be introduced to different corporate and client meetings and have training on the software programs utilized for patient care and project management whenever applicable (Asembia, Guardian Rx, Therigy, Laker, CPR+ and Smartsheet). Additionally, this learning experience will teach you to accurately summarize your strengths/weaknesses and establish a career development plan to improve knowledge, performance, and leadership skills through self-assessment and personal reflection.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy rotation is a two 8-week sections, Specialty Pharmacy I and II. During the first part of the rotation, you will have an overview of the different operations and software utilized by specialty pharmacists to run patient management programs (PMP). You will learn about multiple disease specialties among which oncology, inflammatory diseases, cystic fibrosis, and multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. You will also work with insurances, patient foundations, suppliers, and interdisciplinary teams. Emphasis is on ensuring that you on the pharmacotherapeutic management of the aforementioned disease states and the mastering of Guardian Rx, Asembia, Therigy or any other applicable software for the successful completion of the rotation. As the rotation goes on, you will be more involved in ongoing projects in specialty pharmacy, give recommendation to improve work flow, and function at a higher level managerial/supervisorial position.

Clinical Operations*

The Clinical Operations rotation is a two 8-week rotation (Clinical Operations I and II) designed to orient you to clinical aspects of pharmacy benefit management services offered at Maxor. In the first 8 weeks, you will have an overview of the clinical department and the member services call center, and includes opportunities to interact with multiple clinical pharmacists, clinical associates, and department leaders. This rotation provides clinical and managerial learning experiences, encompassing continuous compliance to accreditation standards, competencies, goals, and objectives. You will learn about the adjudication process of claims, prior authorization and appeal review, policy and procedure management, and project management. In the later part of the rotation, involvement with ongoing clinical and leadership projects is expected, and you will draw reports and present key information to the upper management. You will function as an independent clinician and administrator, participate in medication safety programs, and participate in in clinical advisory board meetings.

Formulary Operations*

The Formulary Operations rotation is a two 8-week rotation that introduces the resident to operational management related to specialty pharmacies from the pharmacy benefit management side providing services to the specialty pharmacies. During the first 8 weeks, you will gain a foundational knowledge of the types of activities necessary to support pharmacies such as drug information packets overview, new drug review process, formulary maintenance, drug recalls and student precepting, if applicable. In the second part of the rotation, you will continue learning about the chronic disease states commonly encountered in specialty pharmacy and work independently on prior authorization reviews, drug information analysis and retrieval from primary/secondary literature, drug recall processes, contribute to clinical advisory board meetings and run requested reports for presentation to other clinicians.


The Corporate Rotation is a longitudinal rotation divided in four 12-week sections in which you will learn about quality, safety and process improvement, finance and budgeting, human resource management, and leadership.

Corporate I provides youwith a foundational knowledge of the types of administrative activities that take place to support the business, introduction to finance and budgeting, and understanding the revenue cycle of a pharmacy. Additionally, you may learn concepts overlooking how the company determines the budget for a fiscal year and how the allocation of budget to different departments.

In Corporate II, you will work on developing a research project and lead it from start to completion. Additionally, you will work in implementation and compliance, supporting activities ensuring the continuous compliance with specialty pharmacies accreditation requirements. Involvement in implementation or ongoing quality improvement process of medication-use schemes within the company is expected.

Corporate III will focus on human resource management, from employee evaluations and appraisals, conflict management and bonus determination to assisting in ongoing efforts to recruit and retain pharmacy candidates and resident, and leadership. In parallel, you will work on evaluating company’s policy and conduct gap analysis to reconcile discrepancies between written methodologies/processes and on-the-field processes. You will expand on accrued knowledge from previous 2 quarters and continue working on ongoing company-wide efforts.

By Corporate IV, you will function at a higher-level with both managerial and leadership skills from a corporate standpoint. You will complete and close all projects she/he has been working throughout the year, prepare for handover to the next resident, and finish/present your research project and the corresponding manuscript.

* Clinical Operations and Formulary Operations occur concurrently.

Contact Information

Maxor National Pharmacy Services
320 S. Polk Suite 900
Amarillo TX 79101

For inquiries, please email [email protected]

Residency Program Director

Bonnie Dugie Pharm.D., M.B.A. CSP
(806) 324-5502
[email protected]

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