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Let’s build your pharmacy together.

Our approach to pharmacy management starts with putting pharmacies and providers on the same side, building collaboration and partnership throughout the process. It’s a breakthrough idea that’s delivering real results for all involved – including improved financial performance and clinical outcomes.

Comprehensive On-Site Pharmacy Management

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Maxor has over a decade of experience assisting in the funding of start-up and build-out costs. With The Maxor 340B Program Solution, your financial investments are minimal.

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340B Compliance

It is of the utmost importance that your patients have access to the medications they need. Maxor provides you with in-depth 340B understanding and experience to improve your patient care.

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Efficient Operation

Maxor takes care of the operations for you. We maintain quality control, oversight, and personnel capabilities to ensure that you minimize your risk while also providing the care your patients deserve.

Experience the benefits of an onsite pharmacy.

From operational control, to 340B auditing and compliance, to clinical management protocols and reporting, Maxor Pharmacy Services has got you covered.

Comprehensive solutions including:
  • Build out
  • Staffing
  • Access to lives
  • Access to limited distribution drugs

Maxor Pharmacy:
Service integration options.



Pharmacy Services & 340B

Help patients manage complex or chronic conditions while maintaining their independence, their lifestyles, and their self-esteem. Partner with an experienced provider and excel in pharmaceutical care, one patient at a time.
  • Currently Manage a Nationwide Network of Pharmacies
  • Focused on Driving Health System’s Brand


Pharmacy Management & Specialty

Ship to/bill to arrangements and replenishing inventory provide their own class of compliance issues with contract pharmacies. Under Maxor’s management, tracking and recording of inventory across child sites is simple and stress free.
  • Savings
  • Capture Rate
  • Clinical / Quality Improvement
  • Patient Experience


Pharmacy Management & PBM

Your covered entity can benefit more from an on-site pharmacy program by coupling it with a transparent Pharmacy Benefit Management program. Maxor can save you more money and time by getting more out of your partnership with us.
  • Drive Formulary and Network Compliance
  • Improve Medication and Care Plan Adherence
  • Provider Collaboration – Pharmacy and Physicians


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