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  • What if you can create tailored, proactive care plans?

  • What if you could be more proactive and flexible?

  • What if you can reduce costs?

  • What if you can improve adherence?

  • And what if you can improve clinical outcomes?

That’s exactly what we help you do at Maxor Pharmacy Services.

We know your organization is unique. We’ve built a powerful, consultative process that helps us get to know you, your patients and your clinicians – all so we can craft a custom, turnkey onsite pharmacy that will deliver value day after day.

Best of all, with Maxor Pharmacy Services, you’ll always know where you stand. Our comprehensive reports will keep you up to date on the performance of your pharmacy. And you’ll never find any hidden fees. We are a true business and clinical partner – here to serve you, your providers and your patients.

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Benefits of Maxor Pharmacy Management

Business Support Services

Business Support Services
  • Compliance and Audit Functions
  • Human Resources

Operational Environment Enablement

Operational Environment Enablement
  • Pharmacy Design, Marketing and Operation
  • Information Management Systems
  • Clinical Management Protocols and Reporting

Supply and Payer Networks

Supply and Payer Networks
  • Drug Wholesaler Contracting
  • Access to Lives
  • Access to Limited Distribution Drugs


  • Accounting and Finance
  • Assistance in Funding of Start-Ups
  • Assistance in Funding Build-Out Costs


  • Regulatory Services
  • 340B Management and Gap Assessments
  • HRSA and Manufacturer Audit Support

Information Services

Information Services
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Workflow Optimization
  • IT Specialists

Think about it: patients see their pharmacist more often than their doctor! By making that experience as positive as it can possibly be, it can help change their perception of an entire health system…

– Pharmacy Operations Manager, Community Hospital Client

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