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Digital Programs to Enhance Patient Care

At Maxor, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to healthcare. Our pharmacy services, benefit management solutions, and specialty pharmacy offerings utilize cutting-edge digital program technologies to enhance patient care. We offer a streamlined experience for our patients, ensuring not only convenience but precision in their healthcare journey. Our commitment to utilizing the latest digital communication technology reflects our mission to enhance the overall patient experience and optimize health outcomes.

Our clinician-led programs not only improve the efficiency of information flow, but create a more informed, engaged, and satisfied patient experience for high-touch members. 

myMaxorLink is a mobile engagement platform that delivers personalized, custom communications directly to members. Communications include Lower Cost Drug Messaging, Preferred Pharmacy Messaging, Disease Education, and more. With no required app or download, these HIPAA-compliant secure messages enhance clinical program outreach and outcomes.

Dynamic Discounts

Dynamic Discounts, powered by Sempre Health, can improve medication adherence by rewarding eligible members with lower copays when they exhibit good behaviors, like filling chronic disease prescriptions consistently and on time. Members receive these discounts at any pharmacy they choose to fill their prescriptions.

We have seen a 13 – 19% improvement in member adherence within this program, and it saved our eligible members an average of $55 – $60 per fill.

Click to Refill

The Click to Refill program allows Maxor Specialty patients to opt in to receive refill reminders by text. This link allows patients to quickly refill prescriptions without having to call and speak directly to a pharmacist, which can increase medication adherence.

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