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From Challenges to Opportunities: July 2023 Summer Coalition Conference, “Empowering 340B Programs with Maxor’s Solutions”

Who Gathered at the 340B Coalition’s Summer Conference—and Why?

The July 2023 Summer Coalition Conference provided a comprehensive overview of the 340B program’s challenges and opportunities. From addressing manufacturer restrictions to optimizing TPA management, the event brought together industry leaders, stakeholders, and experts to discuss crucial 340B topics.

The Summer Coalition Conference highlighted the evolving landscape of 340B manufacturer restrictions.

Speakers emphasized the importance of staying updated on manufacturer policies to ensure compliance and understand their impact on 340B programs. Maxor’s experts illustrated how to navigate these restrictions while maximizing the benefits for participating healthcare organizations.

One panel discussion on “Improving Access, Communication, and Monitoring in Care through Technology” described terms, applications, and policies to enhance patient care.

  • Led by Maxor’s Holly Russo, Senior Director, 340B, the discussion covered the crucial role of technology in advancing patient care within the 340B space. The session explored ways to enhance access to medications, improve communication between stakeholders, and implement robust monitoring systems.

During the conference, our Maxor team had a chance to sit down with some of our clients to learn more about their challenges and how Maxor has helped them overcome those hurdles. Amanda Murray, 340B Program Manager, Adelante Healthcare, described how the Maxor team has supported Adelante’s expertise in the pharmacy industry:

Q1: What’s the biggest challenge facing you in the industry right now?

A: Two of the biggest challenges our organization is facing are manufacturer restrictions and PBMs.

Q2: How has your partnership with Maxor been most helpful in overcoming these obstacles?

A:   Our partnership with Maxor helps make the pharmacy easier to work with and ultimately more profitable. Supporting our pharmacies has been much easier with Maxor as a partner. Our Community Health Clinic also works with Maxor, so it is an easier transition. 

Q3: Give us an example of how Maxor has provided value to your organization:

A:  Maxor is easy to work with, knowledgeable and the staff is so helpful. There has been no pressure to expedite or push the contracting process. The staff provides plenty of educational support and top-notch resources. We look forward to benefiting from the Maxor pharmacy expertise now and into the future.

Maximizing Community Health

Maxor is dedicated to empowering FQHCs and similar organizations with tailored solutions that enable them to optimize their 340B initiatives, enhance patient care and drive sustainable growth.

As the industry continues to evolve, Maxor remains committed to anticipating future challenges, continuing to deliver exceptional customer service, and promoting growth. We have exceptional relationships with our clients, and we will continue to be reliable partners for FQHC facilities. With the right support, they can not only maintain their operations, but thrive in the face of mounting 340B challenges.

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