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How Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Expanded Care for Their Community

Case Study: How Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation Expanded Care For Their Community

The Challenge

When Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation (CBWF), a Community Health Center covering 12 counties in south Texas lost its lease in 2018, the clinic’s leadership team decided to build their own facility. To better serve their more than 3,500 patients, many of whom are LGBTQ+ living with HIV/AIDS, their plans for the new space included exploring ownership of an integrated pharmacy that would offer convenient access to specially trained pharmacists and an ability to provide comprehensive care for their patients.

Coastal Bend sought a pharmacy management partner that could offer robust and easy-to-use solutions to deliver exceptional customer service, provide integration of medical and pharmacy information for patients and providers, and optimize their quality of care. Data transparency and improved financial performance were high on the list of priorities.

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“Maxor 340B emerged as the clear choice,” said Bill Hoelscher, CEO at CBWF. “Other vendors couldn’t compete with Maxor’s ability to deliver detailed answers and data, including a thorough modeling of the analytics, so we could see where we’d be in three years, five years. They showed us how we’d be positioned in our community, among other Community Health Centers, and in the HIV/LGBTQ space.”

The clinic decided to partner with Maxor 340B, who would design a turnkey on-site pharmacy and manage all the pharmacy operations for CBWF.

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