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Photo of Michael Einodshofer, RPh, MBA, Chief Pharmacy Officer

Maxor Chief Pharmacy Officer, Michael Einodshofer, officially becomes Chairman of the Board during NASP 2020

AMARILLO, Texas, September 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Maxor National Pharmacy Services’ (“Maxor’s”) Chief Pharmacy Officer, Michael Einodshofer, RPh, MBA, officially became Chairman of the Board for the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (“NASP”). Carmine DeNardo, RPh, exiting Chairman of the Board, hosted the passing of the gavel ceremony on Friday, September 18, as the 8th Annual NASP meeting came to a close.

“Michael is recognized nationally as one of the premier thought leaders in the Specialty Industry. His leadership has helped transform Maxor’s technology, analytics, clinical programs and the overall patient experience. I look forward to the significant contributions Michael will undoubtedly have as Chairman of NASP.”

Mike Ellis, Chief Executive Officer, Maxor