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See how integrated pharmacy management can help you and your program.

Over the last decade, we have helped covered entities set up and run more than 60 fully 340B-compliant onsite pharmacies – including full integration with health systems and health plans.

The real key to our process starts with you. Our team will take the time to learn about your program– and help you craft an onsite 340B pharmacy solution that meets your needs and your goals.

Transform your pharmacies from cost centers into profit centers.

All over the country, we’ve helped launch, grow and optimize pharmacy programs on behalf of 340B Covered Entities. And, in the process, we’ve helped Covered Entities deliver better patient care, improve their patient satisfaction scores, and put more 340B savings back into the community.

We will work with you on every phase of your pharmacy program, including:

  • Pharmacy design and buildout
  • System and infrastructure management
  • Prescription purchasing and fulfillment
  • Licensing and contracting
  • Monthly reporting
  • 340B compliance support
  • Pre-site and onsite audits
  • Medication adherence programs
  • Managed Care contracting
  • Mail order availability
  • Staffing and more

Let’s build a 340B solution that works for you.

Onsite and Contract Pharmacy:

Scott Kehoe, Vice President, Health System Sales
(708) 910-8758

Covered Entities and 340B Tools and Technology:

Rebecca Runyan, Senior Sales Executive
(615) 714-6330

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