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  • What if you could easily monitor 340B drug purchasing in mixed-use environments?

  • What if you could perform a self-audit with the click of a button?

  • What if you could have trained experts administer or manage your 340B program for you?

  • And what if you could have it all supported with excellent customer service?

That’s exactly where Maxor340B can help.

No matter where you stand today, we’ll work with your team and help you realize the savings promised by the program.

Best of all, we believe you’ll enjoy the journey with us. We’re easy to work with. And above all, our experts are here to ensure 340B program fits within your existing pharmacy program, so you can keep working and serving patients in the way that best fits your community. From the earliest planning phases, through funding, application, implementation launch, and then through operation, audits and compliance, we’re right there with you to act as a true partner.

In eight years, Maxor’s expertise has brought $180 million in value to our health network.

– Chief Pharmacy Officer, County Health System

Take the next step on your 340B journey. Reach out to us, and we’ll let you know how we can help.