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MaxorPlus Has a New Member Portal – Create Your Account Today


As part of an initiative to provide better tools to MaxorPlus members, we are proud to announce the new member portal. The new portal has all of the great features that were part of the previous portal, but with new and exciting features. We understand that being able to access your prescriptions, user account information, medication history, and other medical information online is crucial. The upgraded user experience will allow members easier access to all of the MaxorPlus services to help make managing pharmacy benefits that much easier.

1. Quick Refills

Our “Quick Refill” service allows a user to refill a prescription without ever logging in to the website. All a user needs is their prescription number(s) and date of birth. The process is super simple and ensures that you can get your prescriptions filled quickly and easily.

2. Account Management

The new portal allows users to log in and edit their personal information, update shipping addresses for mail-order medication, add new payment methods for the account, and more. For plans who have it available, you can even request new insurance cards directly from the online interface.

3. Prescription Management

Once a user has logged in to the website, they can manage their prescriptions from the “Refill” section. This allows users to select which prescriptions they would like to refill, check the status of a prescription, choose pickup locations/delivery types, and even refill prescriptions for dependents.

4. Print/Download Prescription Reports

Many times, people need to download a history of their prescriptions for tax purposes or for physicians who require this information. The MaxorPlus member portal makes it easy. Users can select a date range and load their prescription history. From here they can print or download a formatted PDF to provide to whomever might be requiring the history.

5. Access Benefit Documents

The new portal makes accessing benefit documents a breeze. Just click on the “Benefit Documents” feature and your specific plan documents will be provided in downloadable/printable format.

6. Manage Plan Dependents & Other Users

Managing dependents and other users has never been easier. You can add dependents and even grant other users permission to your account. You can refill prescriptions and run reports for your dependents. You can also give limited access to other users who might want to refill a prescription for you. This makes refilling for family members a seamless experience without having to create extra account for family members who are minors.

7. Pharmacy Locator

Out of town and wondering where you can get your prescriptions filled in an unfamiliar city? No problem. Log into the portal and use the “Pharmacy Locator”. Using the pharmacy locator you can find participating pharmacies in a city you might be visiting. You can also click on the address and be taken directly to a map. You can even download/print the list of pharmacies so you will have the location on-hand while out-and-about.

8. Calculate Your Copay

You can use the “Calculate Copay” service to determine your copay on specific drugs.

9. Access Our FAQ

Have questions? We have answers. Our in-depth FAQ can answer many questions without having to call to our customer service department. Don’t get us wrong, we love to hear from you, but we want to save you time and our FAQ page is a great way to do that.

So if you’re a MaxorPlus member, and have yet to sign-up for a web account, we urge you do so. It’s an easy and secure way to manage your prescription benefits.

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