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Rewarding Members with Dynamic Discounts

Lowering Member Costs & Improving Member Adherence

The MaxorPlus Dynamic Discounts Program, powered by Sempre Health, improves adherence by rewarding members with lower copays when they exhibit good behaviors like filling chronic disease prescriptions consistently and on-time at network pharmacies. This program has a positive impact on member out-of-pocket spend while improving health outcomes:

  • Eligible therapy classes include Diabetes, Asthma/COPD, and Anticoagulant/Blood Thinner medications.
  • The program is free for the plan and is funded by manufacturers.
  • Savings opportunities increase over time, rewarding member adherence.
  • Members opt in to receive SMS messages about eligible refills. No accounts, apps, or smartphones required.

Building Stronger Connections

The Dynamic Discounts Program is another example of how MaxorPlus strengthens connections with our members. Along with myMaxorLink, we make it easy for members to manage their prescription benefits from anywhere.

Hear from our members how the Dynamic Discounts program has positively affected their Pharmacy Benefits experience:

“This discount program has made my medication more affordable and allows me to stay on my medication and keep my diabetes under control.”

“It’s been great. With the way gas and food have been going up, the savings that you have given me have been a God send. Thank you folks very much!”

“It has worked wonders for me. I wouldn’t be able to afford this much needed medicine if it wasn’t for this program as I live on a fixed income.”