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The Success Behind a 14-Year Partnership with Whitman-Walker Health

The Background

Whitman-Walker Health, which provides community-based health and wellness services at multiple locations throughout Washington D.C., is dedicated to providing stigma-free care to anyone who walks through its doors. The organization, which opened in 1973, specializes in LGBTQ and HIV care, and was one of the first to research, treat, test, and care for patients with HIV/AIDS.

In 2009, Whitman-Walker Health partnered with Maxor to manage their Downtown D.C.-based pharmacy. “We had tried to open a pharmacy previously but had struggled to make it financially viable,” said Sarah Henn, MD, MPH, Chief Health Officer at Whitman-Walker Health.

The Solution

The partnership with Maxor has been so successful that in 2018, Whitman-Walker Health opened another pharmacy, in Southeast D.C. “We wanted to further extend and enhance our impact on the community, and we knew opening our own pharmacy would help,” shared Dr. Henn. This pharmacy is also fully managed by Maxor.

To learn more about this tenured 14-year partnership and its benefits to the D.C. community, we sat down with leadership at Whitman-Walker Health and Maxor to discuss their key learnings and takeaways for success. Watch the video below to hear their insights.

About the Partnership

Maxor helps Whitman-Walker Health run day-to-day pharmacy operations.

Maxor’s responsibilities include: 

  • Ensuring clinical excellence
  • Managing the 340B program 
  • Improving financial performance
  • Growing the patient base
  • Overseeing staffing and retention 
  • Optimizing patient adherence