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How do I order a prescription?

For new prescriptions please fill out the Printable Mail Order Form and mail it in along with your prescription and payment. If we do not have a credit card on file please include a check or money order. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 32050 Amarillo, Texas 79120-2050. The most convenient method of ordering your refill prescriptions is through the automated phone system or the Internet. DOD/Uniform Services Family Health Plan members can call toll-free 1-866-408-2459. All other members, please call toll-free 1-800-687-8629.

How long does it take to receive my prescriptions?

When mailing your request, please allow 14 days from when you send your order form to receive your medications. Refills are usually processed in 2-3 business days.

Do I need to send in a new prescription each time I need to order my medication?

If your prescriptions have refills available you only need to have your prescription number. The most common reasons that require Maxor National to have a new prescription include having no refills remaining, dosage increases, or new medications that your doctor prescribes.

Can I fax new prescriptions?

Only your doctor can fax new prescriptions. New York state members require a hard copy.

How do I refill my prescriptions online?

Please visit the Refill Prescriptions page. You will need your prescription numbers and credit card information available.

How do I refill my prescriptions using the automated telephone system?

DOD/Uniform Services Family Health Plan members can call toll-free 1-866-408-2459 and follow the menu instructions to automatically refill your medications. All other members, please call 1-800-687-8629. You will need your prescription numbers available as well as updated credit card information.

What is my prescription number?

It is a number, beginning with an 11 or 12, found at the top left corner of your prescription bottle. It remains the same until your refills run out. When you get a new prescription from your doctor for the same drug, it is assigned a new prescription (Rx) number.

What happens if I refill my prescriptions too soon?

We will mail your prescription on the earliest available refill date if the medication is available for refill within 30 days. Every insurance plan differs in their rules regarding the number of days between each refill. We do not send refills automatically. Most plans require that members use 75% of your most recent refill before you can order again. The earliest refill date is printed at the lower left corner of your prescription bottle.

What happens if I order a drug that is not covered by my insurance?

This is what is referred to as a Non-Preferred Drug Request (NFDR). Coverage of a non-preferred drug will require your physician to provide information regarding the medical necessity for the medication you requested, in which case we will contact your physician to ask if a preferred drug may be substituted for the non-preferred drug. If the physician feels it is appropriate to change the medication, we will initiate a non-preferred drug request on your behalf to obtain the required information from your physician. Upon receipt of the completed NFDR, it will be evaluated based on clinical documentation provided. If the documentation provided by your physician supports the need for the non-preferred medication, we will ship the medication as soon as possible. Most approvals are long term, meaning that you do not need to go through this process after the first time you order a non-preferred drug.

Please contact your insurance plan to obtain a copy of the preferred drug list and take it with you every time you see your doctor.

How do I pay for my prescriptions?

With new or refill prescriptions received by mail, you can send in a check or money order along with your Printable Mail Order Form You may also pay by credit card, which we can store in your profile for future payments on your orders. Orders will not be processed without payment.

Can I transfer my prescription from my local pharmacy?

Yes, in most cases. DOD/Uniform Services Family Health Plan members can call toll-free 1-866-408-2459 and speak with a customer service representative. All other members, please contact our customer service department toll free at 1-800-687-8629.

What are the benefits of using Maxor Mail Order Pharmacy?

It is a convenient way to have your prescriptions delivered to your home and, in most cases, at a significant cost savings. Please refer to your prescription card or your plan document for specific co-pay savings. Ask your physician to write two prescriptions, the first one written for a 30-day supply to be filled immediately at your local pharmacy and the second written for a 90-day supply to send to Maxor Mail Order.

You will always be charged the mail order co-pay when you send or transfer a prescription to the mail order pharmacy. To maximize your savings, ask your doctor for a 90 day supply with refills up to one year. Note: A 30-day prescription with 2 refills is not the same as a 90-day prescription. The mail order pharmacy is required to fill each prescription as it is written.

How can I minimize my out-of-pocket expenses?

Present the MaxorPlus Tiered Drug List to your doctor whenever a prescription is necessary.

Ask your doctor to prescribe generically whenever possible. Generic medications have the lowest copay on your prescription drug benefit.

If a generic drug is not available or appropriate, ask your doctor if a preferred brand could be used. With most plans, preferred brands have the next to lowest copay after generics.

Have your maintenance medications filled through the mail service pharmacy if mail service is included in your prescription drug benefit. You can save copay dollars by having your prescriptions filled for a 90-day supply through mail.

How will my prescriptions be mailed?

Your medications are usually sent through the US Postal Service. We also offer optional expedited shipping via UPS for an additional fee. Please note that UPS requires a physical address and will not deliver to PO boxes. Refrigerated medications such as insulin are shipped via UPS Next Day or Second Day delivery at no additional cost to you.

Can Maxor ship controlled substance medications?

With a valid prescription, Maxor can ship Schedule 3, 4, and 5 controlled substance medications anywhere in the United States. However, due to Texas state regulations, Maxor can only ship Schedule 2 controlled substances if the prescription is written by a Texas physician on an Official Texas Narcotic prescription pad. Examples of Schedule 2 medications include, but are not limited to: Ritalin, Adderall, Duragesic, Focalin, and Oxycodone. If you need assistance identifying the classification of your medication, please contact our customer service department at (800) 687-8629.

What happens when my prescription is out of refills?

When your prescription has no refills remaining and you request a refill from Maxor Mail Order, we will contact the prescribing doctor for a new prescription. It is recommended that you call back in within three business days to confirm a response from your doctor. Physicians can fax, mail, or call in prescriptions for patients. If you have changed physicians since your last prescription fill, you will need to contact your physician to request a new prescription.

What happens if my prescription requires a prior authorization?

If your prescription claim rejects a Maxor Mail Order due to a prior authorization, we will obtain the necessary information to process the request. It is sometimes necessary to contact your physician for additional information. Typically this process takes 24-48 hours, depending on how quickly the required information is obtained from your physician. You may call the MaxorPlus customer service at (800) 687-0707 if you have any questions regarding the status of a prior authorization request.

How do I know if my medication is a generic, Preferred Brand or Non-Preferred Brand? 

To identify the tier that applies to your medication(s), please create a MaxorPlus member account.  Once you have logged into your account, select the BENEFIT DOCUMENTS tile within the list of available member features.  Select the FORMULARY link and then search for your specific medication(s).  Generic medications are in all lower-case letters and Preferred brand-name medications are in capital letters.  If you do not find your brand medication(s) listed on the formulary, the brand is considered Non-Preferred. 

How do I locate listing of network pharmacies in my area? 

To identify a listing of pharmacies near you, please create a MaxorPlus member account.  Once you have logged into your account, select the PHARMACY LOCATOR tile within the list of available member features. You can search for pharmacy locations by pharmacy name, city, state, zip, or even whether they are open 24 hours a day.

How to File a Complaint

We want you to be completely satisfied with the care we provide. If you or your caregiver are not satisfied with the services provided, and would like to file a complaint, please contact our Member Services Department. Patients and caregivers can do so by phone, fax, writing, or email. We will address your concern within 5 business days.