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  • What if you could make your members feel connected with their benefits?

  • What if you could give them powerful tools to manage their prescriptions – and their health?

  • What if you could do this alongside a partner, guiding you every step of the way?

  • And what if you could do it all while delivering measurable savings?

That’s exactly what we do here at MaxorPlus.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We have a powerful analytics engine that enables our team to use financial, clinical and operational insights to see your plan from every angle.

We believe this close working relationship between your team and ours is the only way to achieve real results – results both for the bottom line, and your members who depend on pharmacy benefits every day. We help you build stronger connections which lead to healthier outcomes, and we focus on superior service, outside-of-the-box cost saving solutions, and continuous innovation.

White pills spill out of a clear medicine bottle

We believe connections matter.

Whether it’s a connection between a member and our member advocations, a client and our client account team, a health system and their pharmacy, we are here for you.

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We have a culture of transparency.

We specialize in PBM services and provide you with one clear view into:

  • Mail
  • Specialty
  • Customer service
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Clinical services
  • Technology
  • Pricing/purchasing
  • Rebates
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Proactive account management.

Once we understand your specific needs, and the needs of your members, we’ll design a plan that covers every element of your pharmacy benefits.

  • Nationwide pharmacy benefit management
  • Retail, mail order and specialty pharmacies
  • Comprehensive cost savings solutions
  • Clinical programs that engage you, your members, and providers
  • Proactive Account Management
  • Mobile, interactive member tools
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The infrastructure to support you.

As a growing PBM, we invest where it matters—in experienced, dynamic leadership and groundbreaking technology and facilities:

  • We implement all size clients. From coalitions to health plans to TPAs to groups and more, we’ve got the resources in place to focus on your unique needs.
  • We support all US time zones. We have call centers in Texas and Arizona, as well as mail and specialty facilities in Georgia, Nevada and Texas.
  • We integrate with key vendors. We can integrate with the biggest names out there.
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Driving business value from day one.

Once you meet with us, you’ll know the true difference we bring is the value we will create for you and your members. It’s a value that’s focused not on short-term promises, but long-term outcomes and savings. It’s a value that comes from the relationships we create – and the measurable improvements we deliver.

Our previous PBM would take weeks to address issues. With Maxor, it takes hours.

– Health System Client

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