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Improve member service – and reduce total overall cost of care – driven by analytical insight.

The facts are clear: managing specialty pharmacy care for your patients can be complex, time consuming and expensive. It also demands an exceptional amount of expertise. At Maxor Specialty, that’s where we shine. We’ve been working with payors since 1986 to deliver member-centric pharmacy care.

Our approach puts patients first, allowing us to continuously adapt to patient and payor needs. It all starts with a collaborative approach that puts you, your patients, providers and manufacturers all on the same side of the pharmacy equation. We bring together pharmacological and clinical expertise at every step to improve both financial and clinical outcomes.

Our clinical analysis team evaluates adherence rates, identifies gaps in care and intervention opportunities to better manage patients and their conditions. It all comes together on our reporting platform, which delivers real, actionable insights that deliver value at every step.

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Partnering with payors to create centers of excellence.

Our clinical coordinators and pharmacists work alongside your own team to bring the focused treatment for Rare & Orphan and Chronic Conditions diseases members need, while gaining new ways to manage spend.

Comprehensive analytics.

Our team of analysts are able to identify individual cases that require escalation and clinical interventions; waste mitigation and cost avoidance; patient compliance; and appropriateness of therapy. We provide the insights and learning that can change the way we do business, improving outcomes for patients and providing our business partners the information they need to succeed.

Fully integrated benefits.

Maxor brings full support to integrate medical, pharmacy and specialty benefits to improve the patient experience. Our reimbursement specialists work with your team and your patients’ providers to ensure accurate coding translation and conversion of J codes, HCPCS codes and NDCs.

Clinical support and patient education.

Our clinical expertise is unmatched in the industry. We collaborate with major teaching hospitals and practices nationwide to bring you and your patients the clinical advice and direction they need to make smarter, more informed decisions. In addition, our robust Patient Education Library engages and informs patient about their treatment and increases adherence – a critical component of our strategy.

Prior authorization assistance.

We are ever-mindful of the need to reduce the time it takes for a patient to initiate therapy. We work with you to customize the patient/provider/payor experiences when working through the prior authorization process.

Personal member service and overnight delivery.

Every order is shipped overnight, with tracking and delivery verification. Our case managers take the time to get to know the patients in their care to deliver more focused, personal care – including follow-up and reminder calls. When patients call us, pharmacists are always available to answer questions. Our engagement approach results in a 98% member satisfaction rate.

Enhance your pharmacy program with network benefits from Maxor Specialty.

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