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  • What if you can create tailored, flexible and proactive care plans?

  • What if you can reduce costs?

  • What if you can improve adherence?

  • And what if you can improve clinical outcomes?

That’s exactly what we’ll help you do at Maxor Specialty.

We never take a cookie cutter approach to specialty pharmacy benefits. We’ve built a powerful, collaborative approach that lets you see the entire pharmacy process so you can build the best possible plans and deliver the best possible coverage for your patients.

We believe that by building these partnerships between manufacturers, payors, providers and patients, we set everyone up for success. That means using the latest data and evidence to drive recommendations and action. That means collaborating to create tailored treatment plans for every patient. But most of all, it means working tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcomes for all.

White pills spill out of a clear medicine bottle

Delivering value at every step.

Our full range of specialty pharmacy services bring a new level of service to your patients and the providers in your network. We provide customized programs that improve patient outcomes using the following methods:

  • Time-saving referrals
  • Patient advocacy
    • Patient assistance programs
    • Alternative foundation funding
  • Reimbursement assistance
    • Benefit investigations
    • Prior authorization assistance
  • Customized refill reminders
  • Access to limited-distribution medications and devices
  • Personal case managers
  • Clinical interventions and side effect monitoring
  • Medication administration training
  • Disease-specific patient education resources
  • Patient adherence tracking and reporting

I worked with your pharmacy on a complicated Trikafta issue and everyone was great. The pharmacist had such a great sense of humor and was very knowledgeable. The financial/insurance woman even called me back a second time with more information. They were outstanding!

– Health System Client

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