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Working side by side to deliver the best care.

When your patients are faced with complex conditions that require highly specialized medications or injectables, it takes a team to help them start and maintain the right treatment. That’s the approach we take at Maxor Specialty. Our patient-focused philosophy means we will always be working with you and the rest of your patients’ care team to create therapies that deliver the best possible outcomes.

It starts with being available to consult with you at any time. You can speak with a registered pharmacist at 1 (866) 629-6779.

True partners in care at every step.

We believe the key to successful treatment is ensuring the interests of patients, providers and pharmacists are aligned at every step. That means keeping the lines of communication open. Our team is always available to:

Keep everyone informed.

We provide a single point of contact for all referrals and clinical information, streamlining the process for referrals, prescriptions or refills.

Streamline prior authorization process.

The Maxor Specialty reimbursement team helps you and your staff coordinate eligibility, prior authorization and recertification. We will always keep you informed so you can help your patients and their caregivers make the best informed clinical and financial decisions.

Foster patient education.

We work directly with your patients to ensure they know the best way to administer and store medications. Our hands-on education programs also help patients understand adverse reactions, minimize side effects and minimize waste.

Monitor outcomes.

As your patients’ therapies progress, we will work with you to track their progress and schedule any necessary interventions or adjustments.


P: 1 (800) 687-0707 | F: 1 (866) 217-8034

Pulmonary and Other Specialized Therapies

P: 1 (800) 658-6046 | F: 1 (800) 791-7851


Amarillo P: 1 (800) 657-7122 | F: 1 (806) 355-5288
Lubbock P: 1 (833) 789-5324 | F: 1 (806) 791-1918


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